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why Choose eBEYONDS' eBooks? why Choose eBEYONDS' eBooks? why Choose eBEYONDS' eBooks?
  • Testimonials

    Now with eBEYONDS have been most valuable for developing cutting edge E-Books, interactive meeting floor plans, user friendly Reservation Screens and widgets, EDMs, banners etc. Creative design team's extensive experience in designs which we have leveraged in EBooks and EDMs since we began our successful partnership with eBEYONDS.

    Shalabh Kayastha
    Raffles Hotels & Resorts, 250 North Bridge Road, #10-00
    Raffles City Tower, Singapore 179101

  • Testimonials

    Raffles' series of interactive eBooks helped us attained a Bronze Award in Multimedia eBook Series at the 2008 HSMAI Adrian Awards. We understand that viewers read differently online verses offline and eBeyonds was able to customize our eBooks with that in mind and at the same time incorporated the multimedia aspect that the digital world could offer. Our eBooks had since become an important element of our sales presentations, targeting at today's tech savvy luxury online travelers.

    Jason Soo
    Internet Marketing Manager
    Fairmont Raffles Hotels International


  • e books from the ground up

    How eBooks can be used to market your website?

    An eBook is an abbreviated term for electronic book. They can be downloaded from any website or FTP site on the internet. Special software is used for creating eBooks. They are designed to accommodate a wide variety of media such as ... Learn more

    e books from the ground up

    eBEYONDS eBooks: magical formulae for online marketing success

    Basically, an eBook is a file that can be downloaded and read on a computer screen, or can be printed out. With the rising popularity of rich media, today, eBooks have come to assume an important position as a powerful marketing tool. Learn more

  • e books from the ground up

    eBooks from the ground up

    Do you have a start-up business or a small/medium sized business which you want to expand so badly? Consider eBooks as your primary marketing distribution method. It's economical, it's effective, and best of all, eBEYONDS does all the hard work for you. Learn more

    e books from the ground up

    Creating eBooks from any marketing material

    With interactive marketing on the advance, print and online static marketing no longer produce the desired results. Consumers have shorter attention spans and require more interactivity to keep them engaged that most print and static digital marketing...Learn more

At a Glance

Present your products compellingly

Induce your target market to purchase thru' rich media.  more

Let the consumers have a great experience

Grab hold of the consumer imagination with interactive rich media components.  more

Multiple cost advantages

eBooks involve zero reprint cost and little distribution cost.  more

Reach out to a larger market

Make more sales by approaching a wider customer-base.  more

Turn your digital assets into significant growth factors

Entice your audience through large images, streaming video, flash animation, music and the like.  more

Convert printed collaterals into eBooks

Printed mags, brochures, flyers, catalogs and the like will make good source material for an eBook.  more

Address your specific requirements

eBooks tailor-made to your key requirements.  more

Achieve greater market acceptance thru`multi-lingual eBooks

Reach across language barriers and pave the way for more conversions.more

Support the Green Cause

Print less and save more trees. eBooks serve as an eco-friendly substitute for printed marketing material.  more