The Travel & Hospitality industry requires more compelling interactive marketing materials to promote great experiences demanded by today`s travel shoppers. eBEYONDS Rich Media Publications, namely eBrochures, eFlyers, eBooks, EDM…etc embedded with brand-approved persuasive images, videos, sounds, animations and text allow a rich showcasing of all the features of a hotel or destination in full detail

Portray luxurious experience with Rich Media integration

Rich Media eBrochures & eBooks are surely the best way to portray the aura of luxury, surrounding your hotel. Excellent visuals, stunning videos, soothing music and the like will all come together to create for the target audience a fantastic picture of your hotel so that they cannot resist staying in your hotel and savour that unique luxurious experience

Create stickiness through Rich Media integration

eBEYONDS Rich Media eBrochures & eBooks outdo the typical marketing documents in engaging the audience through rich interactive features such as page-turning technology, beautiful large images, video, sound and animation. These fully functional, enhanced features allow the viewer to be immersed in a rich and completely engaging user experience, resulting in spending more time on your eMarketing materials and making purchase decisions

Cost effectiveness and easy maintenance

eBEYONDS eBrochures are reasonably priced , yet world class in quality, and virtually cost free in distribution; and you make a significant contribution to save the environment by reducing the use of paper. eBrochures are easily editable with no reprinting involved and the distribution cost being almost negligible. You can distribute it among any number of recipients from anywhere in the world within a few seconds and create twice as much impact on your potential customers for a fraction of the cost.

Enhance your branding

Rich Media eBrochures & eBooks strictly adhere to your brand guidelines. So, there is virtually no reason for you to be on the fence wondering if Rich Media eBrochures & eBooks will not support your branding strategies. They will deliver your message to the target audience in the blink of an eye with your brand content in the richest form possible. Plus, as eBrochures are easy to share, they can be tremendously helpful in creating viral effect and building your brand

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Engage your target audience with interactive components

Rich Media eBrochures & eBooks can be embedded with a range of interactive components such as animations, auto-flip pages, interactive maps, interactive floor-plans, etc. All these combine to provide your target audience with a great experience that will leave them longing to enjoy all your hotel has to offer at the earliest possible moment. In fact, the more interactive the experience, the more your target audience is going to enjoy your marketing presentation enhancing possibilities of booking your hotel rooms or events and conference facilities or restaurants

Empower your worldwide marketing Channels

Low cost of distribution and easy accessibility to all your marketing channels from anywhere in the world make Brochures & eBooks a powerful marketing tool that surely contributes to revenue generation. Your marketing network will use these rich marketing tools to promote your hotel creating a competitive advantage for your hotel. Reach a much larger market around the world at a greater pace through online distribution, guaranteed to increase customer responses and improve sales. Rich-media eBooks are there to help you push the boundaries and achieve dramatic results through empowered marketing channels defying both time and distance

Measure your campaigns using modern analytical tools

Using sophisticated analytics that collect data on user behavior while using the Rich Media eBrochures & eBooks, you can make better, more informed decisions on your marketing strategies and the most optimal methods of targeting your desired market group(s). For example, it is just a snap to compute the number of recipients who opened the eBook, the average amount of time spent on each page, the number of pages they have flipped through it etc and form significant conclusions that will help you adjust your campaigns for better results

Rich Media in Action

Rich Media Helps Purchase Decisions

Fact: Hotel websites with rich media content catch the interest of online travel shoppers and can drive up bookings while hotels with text or photo only listings are often overlooked.

Online travel shoppers value rich content that support their buying decisions. Hoteliers should exploit this fact and provide engaging visual content to effectively present and differentiate themselves online.

eBEYONDS eBrochures & eBooks will help the customer experience your hotel and all that you have to offer in a more authentic and detailed manner from the comfort of their own home.

Printed brochures vs. eBrochures

Print Electronic
High production and printing cost Initial production Investment,
unlimited reproduction
High distribution cost Low or no distribution cost
Little interaction Highly interactive
Editing is difficult and costly Click of the button editing and updates
Customizing is relatively difficult Easy customization for different clients
Little or no reusability Great reusability
Paper Consumes trees No paper, No waste


eBooks and eBrochure created by eBEYONDS was instrumental in Raffles Hotels & Resorts` winning the much coveted 2008 HSMAI ADRIAN Award for Advertising category.

Client Testimonials

"  We would like to take this opportunity to convey a very special thanks to the team at eBeyonds for your continuous support in executing the Raffles Internet Marketing Strategy. The quality of work delivered by your team for EDMs and EBooks has been a key part of this success for Raffles at the ADRIAN Awards. "

Shalabh Kayastha Executive Director, Marketing Services
Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

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